How to make money from your Internet connected Devices

Internet connected Devices include a personal computer, Laptop and some high end smartphones such as Androids, IPhone and Blackberry are devices used personally and as well can be used to make money.

I only want to post on things I do to make money on my internet connected laptop and my Android which has really worked for me.

1. I earn money using my internet connected phone to play online games such as soccer bets and other games. It's simple, just play bet online using your phone or computer.

2. Another way earn money is to list and post some of my services on classified ads site where I get calls for a brief work and get paid.

3. I also get paid through my internet doing pay for me services. I help people pay online, register using PayPal or other e-currency exchanges.

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4. Many times, I don't use my internet connected Device for chats alone but for marketing purposes.I market and sell things online to make money.

5. My internet connected phone is used as a video camera to record events where I upload them on YouTube for money. That's one if the best way I earn money from my phones.

6. My computer is also a video compression machine which helps compress and convert few videos before uploading. Although you have to install some video compress and converting soft wares to do that.

7. My Internet connected phones are also used to call my customers or mail them on some of the product sold.  Read Also - How to Make Money from Phone Accessories

There are many more ways to make money from an internet connected device such as phones and computers in which many will be posted in the next post.

Better still, use the comment box below to make a suggestion, ask question or provide answers to this topic discussed. Thanks for reading.


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