How to Make Money from Pay-for-me Services

Helping people to pay for various transactions either online or offline is referred to as Pay for me services.

You can make money helping people pay for product or services online and and still earn some cash from such.

There are different ways to earn cash by helping people pay for anything online or offline which includes;

1. PayPal : If you have a working and legitimate PayPal account, there ate so many people who needs your service to help pay online or accept payment on their behave. Many people will like to pay for services like hosting, domain name registration, Facebook or Google ads, items like phones,computers, cloths, etc.

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2. Ecurrency: people needs help to pay or convert e-currencies such as perfect money,Egopay,web money,Stp,PayPal etc.

3. POS : You could also help give small amount of cash to people using your POS machine especially for a small amount and add a commission to the deduction from such persons bank debit card.

4. Foreign Debit/Credit cards : If you have a foreign credit or debit card which is accepted anywhere in the world, then that's is an opportunity to make money from people who do not have because you help them pay and charge q token for it. It's a way to earn money helping people to pay.

These are different ways to make money helping people to pay popularly called Pay for me services. Thanks for reading.


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