How to Make Money from Paid Surveys in Nigeria

Paid Surveys is a common way to make money but many Nigerians don't really know how to make money taking paid surveys in Nigeria.

Taking Paid Surveys requires no special skills or degree but your time, internet connected devices and valid email address. Most surveys site are located in the United State, Canada or United Kingdom which means they allow most people from that region.

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 But as a Nigerian, who want to make money registering with some legitimate surveys sites needs the following;
  • A Valid Email
  • A paypal account
  • A US Phone number
  • A US Address
  •  Time
The requirements above are what you need to earn money from paid surveys in Nigeria and this is how to start.

1. Connect your Pc or Phone to the Internet
2. Change your ip address or get a free vpn online
3.  Register with a United State or Canadian Ip address, real address and phone number
4. Check Whichsurveys and register as many sites as possible
5.  You must be 18yrs and above to register
6. Start with Opinion Outpost, Toluna or Globaltestmarket or any other
7. Download a roboform software to help you auto fill the forms

The following process should be rightly followed to earn and make money from paid surveys. Although there are many survey sites which are scams or waste time but there are some that are legitimate which you can work with them. Thanks


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