Fact: How to Make Money from Ebola

According to research, Ebola disease was said to have been contacted through infected bats or other primates like monkeys. Its was also said that the Disease originated from West Africa and fast spreading round Africa and to the the rest of the world.


How do people make money from Ebola?  Since Ebola is a disease and it cure has not been found yet, the best way for the business minded people is to find cure or vaccine to this disease am sure you are going to make quite lot of money from this especially in West - Africa.

Other ways to make money from Ebola includes:

1. Vaccines or Drugs : You can make money from Africans in Africa by providing cures or vaccines to Ebola Disease which has recently killed more than 500 people in West- Africa. This is the best Business idea anybody can give when it comes to make money from a Disease such as Ebola

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2. Test Kit : Many Africans and hospitals have no test kit to sell to people. The news anybody want to hear now is for a company to provide a test kit for this disease. Am sure many will buy such for prevention.

3. Relief Material: Importing or providing Products such as relief material, Cloths, Gloves, Nose cover, Mouth Cover, Head Cover etc in time of disease outbreak is a good business idea. You could decide to import some materials to infected people or anybody who choose to help. Its called Business.

4. Prevention : Ebola has come and the only thing people want to hear is a preventive measure. A business mogul could decide to get knowledge and seek products that can help prevent the spread of this disease is such a thing that can bring good money.

5. Rumours : Many are beginning to earn money through the sale of rumored materials such as kolanut, salt water, warm water or some Ebola unconfirmed Kits. Its a rumor but some smart business minded fellow are making money through this means.

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This post is for the Business minded, Entrepreneurs,Investors  and the make money gurus. Ebola is a disease and to help find a solution to this disease is a shortcut to Riches.Thanks.


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