3 Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay by PayPal

Taking paid surveys is one of the best and oldest ways to make money through the internet either as youth, teenager, mom, dad etc.

Some surveys site are really reliable which I've been paid by such sites into my Paypal account few weeks back. I thought many paid survey sites are scam but i was quick to identify some legitimate ones and i work and earn from them.

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The money earned from surveys may not be much, but i can tell you i was paid by these 3 sites listed below and cash payment was sent into my PayPal account in this country.

Top 3 Paid Survey Site that Pay by Paypal

1. Toluna
: On Toluna, you take surveys and earn point in form of rewards which may be cash out as gift items from Amazon or other online store. You can also redeem your point as cash into your PayPal at 60,000point = 20 or you prefer cash to be donated to charity.

2. Opinion Outpost
: This site is also reliable in the sense that they pay by PayPal when points are accumulated from various surveys taken by you. It has easy sign ups and their surveys are simple and rewarding. Read Also - Opinion Outpost is Legit

3. Global Test Market
: This is one of the oldest survey site which means they are reliable. I registered with them, take available surveys and when the money get to the required threshold to cash out, I saw an alert from Paypal for cash deposit.

Just get a separate email apart from the PayPal email, sign up to these sites and start earning money taking their surveys. If you are in Africa where you could not really sign up with the site, you need to get a US number, Address and change your ipaddress during registration. 'That's all

Now that PayPal has included some countries, the fast way to make money into the Paypal is to start taking surveys and the reliable and trusted site are the one's above. Just take the bold step and start making money online.


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