Top 3 Countries to Earn Money from Online Business

I have been doing some business and making money through the internet doing various online jobs or business but i noticed that some countries have more priviledges than the other in terms of internet business, Online payment, internet banking, Earnings, and many more.

Online Business varies from Blogging, Affiliating marketing, Cost per Action, Sport betting, Paid surveys, Online shopping, Writing, Micro jobs etc but getting the money into your own country or region may be a factor which many do not know.

The best 3 countries to make money doing various internet business are ;

1. United State

2. United Kingdom

3. Canada

The countries are listed as the top 3 countries to make money doing Online Business were picked based on few factors like,

1. Reliability
2. Fast Payment
3. PayPal Payment
4. Bank wire
5. Internet banking
6. High rate clicks in case of Blogging with Adsense
7. Quality of traffic - United State
8. Good advertisers
9. Fast delivery of goods or products
10. Good economy

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You may not necessarily be in these three (3) countries to earn money from online business but there things you can do to help yourself for money making even as a citizen of those countries. It includes,
1. The use of IPs and Proxy -Changing ip can help you surf the internet and access some sites that can not be accessed by people outside United State, Canada or United Kingdom mostly incase of surveys.

2. Annoymous Surfing- You can use tool to surf annoymously like Vpn, Ip, Proxies etc

3.  General sites ; This means that you can work and make money online simply by registering with countries that accept other international countries or users outside the US, UK or Canada.
Better still, you could choose any out of these countries to register and start earning money doing your online business with profits. Thanks 


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