The Watson Family - America's Richest Family

The Watson Family has been named the Richest Family in America as well as the whole world.  According to forbes, the Watson Family is worth $150Billion and primary source of wealth is Wal-mart which is the largest retail store in the world.

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Wal-Mart still reigns as the world's largest retailer, a far cry from the company started by Sam Walton (d. 1992) and his brother James (d. 1995) in a small Arkansas town in 1962. Fortune they left behind is now split between Sam's three living children (pictured siblings: Jim and Alice Walton) and daughter-in-law, and, to a lesser extent, James' two daughter

The Walton Family is ranked at No 1 Richest family in America while the Koch Family -2nd Richest and Mars Family as the 3rd Richest with a net worth $60Billion.

This rich families have done great in terms of Entrepreneurship, Business and various Investment. Its a nice thing to celebrate the Rich. Thanks


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