Is Transport Business a Good Business for Graduates?

I was only trying to figure how lucrative transport business can be in my country and possible ways to make money from it. In this part of Africa, Transport business is really making wave with huge profit but can graduate do this type of Business and find it profitable?

Not long ago, i met a commercial bike man whom i taught may be an illiterate but to my surprise, he's a graduate and he explained somethings to me on being a commercial cyclist or bus driver. He also gave vital information on how to start a transport business for money.

A graduate may not like to be involved in this kind of Business, but at times it works. The only condition on this type of business is to avoid. See Also - How to Make Money from Transport Business
  • Overload 
  • High price
  •  Neat vehicle or bus. 
If its a bus, tricycle, car or motorcycle they can be run in the same way. As a graduate, there are two ways to do this. Its either you buy the car, bike or vehicle get 
  • someone to ride and deliver 
  • Someone to buy and pay at installment
  • Place it for hire
  • Ride it and earn money for yourself and family
It also depends on the way our car, motor cycle or bus is neatly kept. Its a better way to earn money using the 4 ways listed above.

I believe the transport business is a good business for anyone including students, graduate and undergraduates if only its well planned.

To start any kind of this business, you need to make some research on how its works. More will be discussed in the next post on how to actaully start the business with little, huge or no capital. Thanks for reading.


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