How to Verify Paypal Account Using Nigerian Bank Atm Card.

Just recently, Paypal Inc include Nigeria among the countries where its operation can be carried out and verifying using the Nigerian Banks Debit Cards usually Visa or MasterCard.

Not only Nigeria, some other Asia, African and American countries where also added. The good news is that you can now make transactions,Pay or buy online with with a verified Paypal right here in Nigeria.    Read Also - How to Earn from Paypal

How to Verify Paypal using Nigerian Cards

You can now verify your Paypal with your local ATM card as long as the information on the card is real and the card in good working condition.

The steps.

1. Visit PayPal on your browser

2. You will see the login and register link, Just click on register

3. A working email will be required, your name, address, and column for other information which you will carefully filled.

4. Upon final registration, a link will be sent to your email for confirmation, click on the link and it will redirected to the Paypal Confirmation page.

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5. Hence, the account is opened but not verified. So you will get a notification on how to add debit, credit or bank account to it but right now, you can only add your bank debit card with the card number, and cvv usually the last 3 digit at the back.

6. Your bank can be Gtbank, Firstbank, Fidelity, Diamond, Zenith,Skye, UBA etc.
7. A small amount of money will be transferred from PayPal to your account for verification. You will get a notification if the bank atm card is good for verification or not. If not. You can try it during bank working hours or days in Nigeria and your Paypal Account get verified immediately.

Note: You do not need Ip address, Proxy, Fake name or address for this, everything must be real

That is Just the simple steps involved in verifying your PayPal using your Nigerian bank atm cards to verify your paypal account. Thanks.


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