How to Fund Perfect Money in Nigeria

Not long ago, we posted a brief tips on how to fund Perfect Money Currency account but many of our readers are still asking on how to fund Perfect Money in Nigeria

Perfect money is an online e-currency account which is widely used all over the world which can be used to make payment, send or receive payment from any part of the world. Perfect money can also be used pay for goods and services online and many international stores accept Perfect Money as a means of Payments.

Back to the Question, How to fund your Perfect money in Nigeria? Based on recommendation and what i have used, i have funded my perfect money using one of the certified perfect money exchanger in Nigeria which is naira4dollar

To add money to your perfect money account in Nigeria, you only need to 
  • register with naira4dollar\
  • Read the currency exchange rate
  • Add fund by selecting the amount you want to fund
  • A message will be sent to you containing an account number and your order number, you go to the bank and pay
  • After payment, the teller number, amount and other information will be sent to the admin and after few minutes, your perfect money will be funded.
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This site also buy, sell and exchange other ecurrency account like webmoney, egopay,Stp, bitcoin, Okpay, Payza etc. Since other payment method such as wire transfer, internet bank transfer and card funding may not be active now, using this method is reliable to deposit money to your account in Nigeria.

Follow this process and get you perfect money funded as fast as possible right here in Nigeria. Thanks for reading.


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