Hotmail vs Gmail

Hotmail also known as is a free personal email service offered by Microsoft while Gmail is also a free email service from Google Inc. Both Gmail and Hotmail(Outlook) are both free email service that allow users to send and receive free short sms, emails and chats.

Gmail and Hotmail provides instant chat for users and are both used as login info for many sites like Facebook or Twitter as well as many other site. Email service from Microsoft(Hotmail) used to be the most popular until recently when Gmail is gradually taking over yahoo mail and Hotmail in terms of mail service and programs.

Hotmail or Outlook is associated to Bing, MSN and some Yahoo product but the gmail is fast becoming the best due to it relevance in other Google product either as login or to register. The Population of Andriod and YouTube users also is a big advantages to Gmail.

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In terms of Money making online, Gmail from Google Inc is having more edge over Hotmail because the email service provider from Google(Gmail) is used as a sign in information for Google Adsense, Google Places, Andriod, YouTube and Google Adword program which seems to be the highest earning pay per click program in the world.

Just recently, Gmail introduce a program where Google email users can get any incoming email alert directly on mobile phones by registering with one's personal number. Although, Hotmail can also be used as login to popular site like Facebook, twitter, Bing etc but no to Google Products like Adsense, YouTube and the Android Phones

If you have any encounter using Hotmail or Gmail which you think makes Gmail better than Hotmail, Please feel free to use the comment box below and let learn from your own ideas. Thanks.


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