Android or Blackberry - Which is Best for Business

The Blackberry and Androids phones are both smart phones capable of doing other aside receiving phone calls. Both Phones can be used for business such as Internet Business, Sport Business or real offline business

Which is Better - Android or Blackberry?
This question was asked by a reader who is much interested in knowing the preferred phone suitable for business. The question is open for other readers to answer but based on some factors, we will be highlighting some facts below showing the preferred.

Why Android is Better than Blackberry for Business

1. Google Play
: The Google is the popular market place for Android Phones where million of developers post their mobile applications for use unlike Blackberry which has only few mobile apps developers. The Google apps store contain thousands of apps that can be used for business for example, Apps for easy access to bank accounts, Payment system such as PayPal, Perfect money, Skrill, Western Union etc

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2 Google Store: Google apps store for Business on Android is well defined because users can gain access to mobile apps of sites, login and various payment site o easily

3. Office Suites
: Another reason why Android phones may be better than Blackberry in Business is the readily integrated Office software for word, excel, power point, and many other document materials

4. Battery Life : Blackberry may not be better in the aspect of long battery life especially the older versions but most Androids can stand the test of time on longer calls, internet services, downloads etc

5. Online Business : Androids phone are basically the new trends used for making money online. Most site and business owners are gradually making an apps of their sales page, sites and posting them on Google play where their users can easily get across to their listed applications and sites.

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6. Earning Money : Android apps posted by Google mobile developers for Android users is the new way to make money. You only need to develop an apps, post it on Google play or store and earn commission on every downloads you get from your apps by Android users especially when the apps is a paid version. This is called profit making from Google through Androids.

7. Number of Users : The number of users of Androids surpasses the Blackberry users. This means your Business get the exposure it wants easily on Android devices than Blackberry especially if you are a website owner using paid advertising platform like Google Adwords, Adsense, Facebook ads etc.

Many more facts why Blackberry is better than Androids for Business or in Business will be posted in our next post. Please keep your finger cross and thanks for reading this post.


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