America's Top 10 Colleges : 2014

This is a list of top ranked Colleges in America in 2014. There are several other schools that makes the list of top 100 colleges in the United State but this is just the10 best Colleges in America for 2014.

According to forbes, these schools are well equipped in every aspect and not only in Technology, Engineering, Maths, Science and others like Art.. The top colleges includes;

  • No 10  -     Amherst College -  Amherst, Massachusetts
  • NO 9  -      United State Military Academy - West Point, New York
  • NO 8   -     Pomona College  -   Claremont, California
  • No 7    -     Harvard University  -   Cambrige, Massachusetts
  • No 6   -      Yale University      -      New Haven , Connecticut
  • No 5    -      Massachusetts Institute of Technology  - Cambridge, Massachusetts
  •  No 4  -      Princeton University    -     Princeton, New Jersey
  • No 3   -      Swarthmore College  -   Swarthmore, Pennslyvania
  • No 2   -      Standford University    -  Standford, California
  •  No 1   -      Williams College -   Wiliamstown, Massachusetts
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 According to forbes, Most are in the Northeast, followed by the West Coast, with the Midwest mildly under-represented (the top school in that region is Minnesota’s Carleton College at  No. 16) and  few great schools in the Sunbelt. Twenty-two schools control 50% of all $447.4 billion in college endowment money, with Harvard leading the pack, by far, at $32.3 billion, followed by Yale ($20.8B), University of Texas system ($20.5B), Stanford ($18.7B) and Princeton (18.2B).


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