10 Things you Need to Know While in College

The primary motive of a student of a student is to learn, study, read, pass and become a professional but there are few things we need to know during schooling which are much more than reading and passing and you may not be taught while in college.


There are things the college may not probably tell you which you need to know. Is either you read, act and work on the information yourself. It includes,

1. Best Grade : While you are in college, you need to have it at the back of your mind that you must excel, read hard and bag the best grade. Its helpful and also the requirement to work in best place after schooling.

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2. Make Money : You need to figure out what method is works best for you in money making. Is either you engage in some buying and selling, online business, take surveys, blog, sport bets etc College is a place to get such ideas but yourself

3. Start a Business : While in college, you only learn to study, make research but not to start a business. So you need to learn on your own how to start a small business right there on campus. It makes sense to earn money as a student doing business and studying.

4. Saving : The school you are may not teach you how to save buy you need to save to avoid wastage of money, material and to prepare for the future.  Read Also - How to save Money as a College Student

5. Discipline : While in college, you need to be discipline aside reading and learning. You need to learn to say no, to say yes and get to know that attending college may not get you rich or successful because even the top world's richest Billionaire do not even attend college.

6. Failure : As a student, you need to learn how to cope with failure, avoid failure and see failure as a stepping stone to greatness. Even the Whatsapp Co Owners, Bill Gate, Steve Job have in one way or the other fail but they never give up on the failure to become the greatest.

These are the things you need to know while in college and the listed points above are things the college may not tell you but you rather work on them yourself. Thanks for reading our site


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