How to Open a Domiciliary Account with GTBank
A domiciliary Account is an account is an account used to make foreign transactions in dollars. It accept dollars can also be used to send currency in dollars to any where in the world especially currency in dollars.

Any one engaged in Online business such as buying and selling online, internet marketing and online banking will definitely need a domiciliary account to send or receive funds. This domiciliary Account be opened right here in Nigeria and other part of Africa with Gtbank with ease.   Read Also - 5 Reasons you need a Domiciliary Account

There are two ways to open a domiciliary Account with Gtbank which includes;
1. Free domiciliary account for Exixting Gtbank Account Holders
2. Paid domiciliary Account for new Gtbank Users

How to Open Free domiciliary Account with Gtbank

1. Get a recent passport
2. Get an Id card (international passport, drivers licence, voters card)
3. Get an Utility bill ( nepa bill or waste payment bill)
4. Get a recent passport photograph
5. Write your GTBank Account number in a small paper

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After getting all these, just walk down to any GTBank in your area and obtain a domiciliary account form which will be given to you along 2 reference form
 Carefully fill the account form with correct details of address and other information, then take the two reference form to current account holders from any bank but preferably GTBank Current account user makes the whole process fast.

As soon as you've gotten the two reference fill the form, then head on to your gtbank and submit the forms. The documents will be checked and confirmation will be sent to your mail with your Domiciliary account number and sort code.

Follow these process highlighted above and you are sure of getting your Domiciliary account opened within few days. Your domiciliary account can be used to receive Google Adsense Payment directly into the account.

Note: The two reference form given to you must be correctly filled, no cancellation, mistake and no use of tipest. It may bring probelm in the opening process.

Thanks for reading and if you have any question, ideas or suggestion, please use the comment box below for immediate attention.


  1. Exactly the processes i went through when opening my Foreign account with GTBANK. But its kinda stressful at times due to mismanagement of internet services that causes delay during the opening processes.

  2. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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