How to Make Money in the Church
Can Someone Make Money in the Church? This question was asked by a reader few days ago and this post was the explanation i gave and i believe you will learn few things reading on how one can earn money in the church.

The population of the church, i mean people sited in the church as well as the attendance are the ones you can make money from simply by doing the following;

1. Sell a Product: Churches with large attendance can serve as a good market place to sell some products after the services. You could decide to make money from the church by selling items like Bible, Hymn book, motivational books, hats, cloths, books, food, snacks, etc

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2. Sell a Service: You can also earn money in the church simply by letting the church members about your services using a small handbill or business card. Services like webdesigns, business consultants, event planner, decorator, painter, artist, writer and many, nursing, baby sitting and many more can be advertised for church members where you get called someday.

3. Seminar : You could also get some money from people in the church simply by organizing a seminar that changes lives where you could eaily introduce some of your products to some members and get paid.

4. Transport
: Some business minded people make money from the church people simply by providing easy, fast and cheap tranportation after services to people. This can be done inform of car hire or bus delivery.

5. Sales of Message CDs : You could do this for money simply by making recording of the pastors message or choir, drama ministration and get it ready for sale after services. Its a good way to make money in the church too

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6. Seek Donation : People make money from the church either directly by donation or indirectly from people. I have seen this in churches and it works

7. Food : This is a sure business you can do outside the church, you could sell could drinks and snack or even food and people will buy.

The following ways of making money in the church works and may not be done directly inside the church but outside. Remember, the population is your target and you solve people problem right there for money, which is called Business. Thanks for reading. 


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