How to Maintain a Fish Pond

This post explains different ways and how maintain a fish pond in fish farming business. Since the farming business is used to make money, then it has to be maintained.

To ensure continuous availability of fish in a fish pond, a fish farmer needs to ensure

1. Regular Feeding- The fish must be fed twice daily from selected point.Supplementary feed in the form of compound feed should be given in sufficient quantity to ensure rapid growth.

2. De weeding-
This is the removal of weeds from the ponds. It allows the dissolution of oxygen in water,the penetration of sunlight to the bottom of the pond which will promote the gorowth of fish.

3. De-silting-
This is the removal of silt or prevention of silting from entry into the pond. Desilting makes water to be clean, promotes easy movement of fish within the water and also to prevent pollution

4. Aeration-
This enable oxygen to dissolve in water and is required by fish for respiration. Fishes usually come to the surface of water due to lack of oxygen. Weeds, excessive organic manure, overstocking etc prevents aeration of the pond.

5. Constant Supply of Water- The pond should be always be filled with water and any leakage must be repaired.

6. Control of Predator- Predators like birds and snake should be prevented from entry into the fish pond because they could eat up the fishes in the pond which may cause reduction of income for the business owner

7. Prevention of disease - Disease should be prevented as this could kill all the fish in the pond.     Read Also - Source of Finance for Farming Business

8. Regular Harvesting-
Regular harvesting of fish is necessary to prevent over population, outbreal of disease and eating of each other by fishes.Fishing could be harvested few month after stocking with nets or darining method.

9. Regular Application of fertilizer - This should be done once in a month to promote the growth of fish food e.g planktons.

Do the following fish pond maintenance practice and see how  healthy and big your fishes can be which i believe is good for the business. Thanks


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