6 Benefits of Guest Blogging

I never had too many ideas on the importance of guest blogging until i started accepting some guest post on my site. The benefit of Guest Blogging or Posting are just too numerous and it needs to be looked into for site growth and performance.


What is Guest Posting? This is when one writes for other site or accept blog post or articles from other blog owners to be posted on blog. Popular bloggers used the guest blogging as a tool to get cheap popularity,more readers, backlinks, traffic and many more.

The benefit, importance and advantages of guest Posting includes;

1. Popularity: Guest blogging which is also known as writing for other website owners/bloggers bring popularity to a blogger. Writing a guest post on other people blog especially when the blog is highly ranked can in return bring fresh popularity to the other site which later help improve its ranks. Read Also - Make Money Online Blogging

2. Readers : One of the benefit of guest blogging or posting is to attract new readers from the other site. Guest blogging help to send or attract new readers to a blog especially when the post is very useful and interesting. It helps

3. Traffic : The basic aim of guest blogging is to get new visitors and increase in traffic which works. Writing for other high traffic site will always attract high pageviews especially if there is a link linking to the other blog.

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4. Backlinks: Of course, Guest Posting on high authority site gives instant back links especially when offered a "do-follow" link. If the site page rank is very high, then expect an increase in pagerank when the next update is due because it helps pass link.

5. Cash: One of the advantage of guest blogging is money, its one of the quickest way to earn money with a website. You accept guest post as a paid post, and get paid for posting it on your blog. Its cool and you might earn up $20, $30,$50, $70, $100 and many more accepting guest post.

6, More Contents : Free guest post enables bloggers get more contents on their blog which helps build more traffic, more populairty and more ranking on search engine .

The ideas posted above are the benefit one get from guest posting and am sure you will not like to lose some of the listed advantages above. Thanks


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