5 Things you Need to Know about FIFA World Cup 2014 - Business

I have always wanted to know how lucrative or profitable the FIFA World Cup can be but based on my findings, i decided to post the Business and money making aspect of the FIFA World Cup which starts in few days from now.

I call the World Cup a Big Billion Dollar Business where FIFA and other participating teams earn huge amount of money for this world soccer events. 


How much will be generated? The FIFA World Cup is Big, big business, big event, Profitable for qualified teams and also for the teams that progresses to the final stage. Below are things you need to know about the world cup and how money are spent;  Read Alsothe sport business

  •  The World Cup generate $4Billion for fifa
  •  Most income are being generated by Tv Rights and Marketing rights
  •  Its being watched by millions of Viewers
  •  FIFA makes a total payment of $576million to host country and participating teams
  •  Over 3.5Billion people are expected to watch the live events.
  •  The World cup winners will earn $34Million 
  •  The sixteen teams eliminated at group stage earns $8million each
  •  Average upkeep of a player per day is $2,800
  •  Total Revenue for the World Cup is $4.0Billion
  •  Broadcasting Revenue is $1.7Billion
  •  Marketing Revenue is $1.4Billion 
As you can see that the World cup is a Big event which generates close to $4Billion for FIFA which is used to develop the game of football world wide.


  1. The world cup is gonna be interesting. Can't wait

  2. Hi,

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  3. ohh thats a good one, we gat to stream live matches too

  4. Great article, Thanks for your great information, the content is quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.


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