6 Worst Items you put on Your Cv

A CV which is also known as curriculum vitae is a document which which gives account on one's career, personal information and experience needs to be done with care and some bad items need not ot be included when preparing a CV.

The CV determines if someone is going to get a job, earn a contract and it needs to be perfect. There are worst items which are not needed in a Cv which must be eradicated with immediate effect.


I was reading through a CV recently and i realize that the cv contains lot of errors which may prevent the holder from getting employed by a company and some are highlighted below;

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1. Boasting : Boasting about some achievements not inline with your career or education should not be included in a CV because its wrong such as number of cars,houses,wives etc

2. Responsible : Using the word "i will be responsible for" is seen as one of the worst things to be included in a CV. Since its not an application letter, the why claiming responsibility at early stage

3. Microsoft word : Listing Microsoft word as one of the computer program you know should be removed because almost everybody is familiar with Microsoft word even an high school lever can so work with it.

4. Too many Stories : Telling too many stories, including too many headings may discourage the employer or Manager in reading what you've got. Too many stories is one bad thing that should be removed

5. Primary School info : I was worried when i see people still input some primary school information, credentials and activities. Do employers still have interest in such? Real certificates starts form the high school and not the primary or basic education class. So it should be removed from the CV

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6. 3-4 Pages: Preparing a CV which has more than 2 pages may be considered as overload of information. Why not create a simple 2 pages Cv because some employers do not have all the time to read many pages you got on your Cv but may have other things to read. So make it simple and short.

These are few worst tings things that can be found on your CV and you real need to check the following listed things, make corrections before submitting your CV in search for a job or an appointment.


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