Video : How to Break the Cause of Poverty by Bishop Oyedepo

This  video explains various ways to break the cause of poverty, it explains what poverty is all about and things to do that may enable you leave poverty and become rich. We give ideas on different ways to make money online or in Business but you need to hear this talks about poverty and becoming Rich.

To view this video on how to get rid of poverty, Just Visit below.

This video tutorial was given out by a Father, Entrepreneur, Business consultant, Chancellor and the proprietor of Covenant University in Canaan Land.  you are an Americana, African American, Latino or Asian, this is a good video material to identify Poverty, get rid of it fast and become rich.

Thanks for viewing and listening to this video on how to break the cause of poverty and get Rich.


  1. highly respected man of GOD

  2. This is wonderful. I am not quite familiar with the internet, but I believe that what I just read is some good material. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles. God bless.

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone should read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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