Photo of the Day : Hip Hop Wealthiest Artist- P Diddy

Sean Comb popularly known as P Diddy is currently the Richest Musician as well as the Richest Hip Hop Artist followed by Dr Dre at $550million and JayZ at $520m while P Diddy is worth about a Billion dollar due to recent ventures.

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According to forbes, P Diddy is worth $700million not only the richest rapper in the united state but in the world, He investment and money making style is really working for him and may become world first Billionaire Rapper and Hip Hop Artist.

Apart from music, he has other businesses and investments where he earn more money than any other hip hop artist. P Diddy is the world wealthiest and Richest hip hop star. The pics above is showing P Diddy as the world richest musician and hip hop star.


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