Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable

Are Affiliate Marketing Site Still Profitable? This is a question asked by one of our readers who work and make money online. Affiliate Marketing sites are sites that pays to people work at home and make money by selling other people's product on their site.

Many get paid in dollars for successful sales completed, referral activities,task and many more through Check,  PayPal, Bank wire or online payment system. Many Affiliate site are scams and are actually waste of time due to some few reasons which i closely monitored. See also, How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

Doing Affiliate Marketing to make money online may be profitable if your site has lots of traffic but may not be profitable because the few affiliate sites available will not even pay you when you reach payout. Other reasons why the Affiliate Marketing Business is not profitable includes;                                                                                                              
1. Location i.e people outside US,UK,CANADA may not be accepted

2.  You need to fill many questions 

3.  Some affiliate site pays as low as $1 or $3

4.  If your site lacks traffic, then you are out of the affiliate things

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5.  Some may request money for registration or payout

6.  Payment systems may not be available in some countries e.g Paypal

7.  Some may require US traffic or clicks on sites

8. Some may be scam and it may take years to reach Payout.

9. Beginners may be limited to some features compared to pros

10. Some merchants might even decline your request for the products

With huge traffic, you get huge sales with affiliate marketing but when the traffic is low, you may not get the best of affiliate marketing. Thanks for reading. 


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