How to Make Money in Africa

Africa is the fastest growing continent in the world made up of majorly black people. If any one want to earn money in Africa, then you need to choose from any country in Africa which includes South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, Chad, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya,Morocco, Tunisia, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many more.

The Problem Africa is facing seems to be the strong point for any one who want to make money in Africa by investing in it. The best way to make money in Africa is to start solving Africa's biggest problems and you are guarantee of making considerable income from Africa.

You may decide to start a Business in Africa but such Business must solve the problems faced by Africans and the starved population. Below are are ways to make money in Africa;

7 Ways to Make Money in Africa
1. HUNGER : Many children, Adults, Youth in Africa seems to be starving of good food, water, shelter and good environment. If you could start a business that can provide cheap and affordable food, clean water, shelter, then you are sure of making some profit right here in Africa.
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: Some Africans have no access to good education which makes them illiterates. Due to poverty, some could not even afford a basic education and Tertiary education. But any investor who can easily solve this problem can easily make money in Africa.

3. UNEMPLOYMENT : The best way to make money in Africa is to create jobs either a small scale or large scale business but any things that employs people in Africa makes money.    Read also - why you need to Invest in Africa

4. DISEASES : Importation of good drugs to some African countries is also a good way to earn money in Africa. Poor and unclean water and environment is really a problem in major African countries.
5. ELECTRICITY : If any group, investor or individual is to make money from Africans right there in Africa, you need to solve the problems of power and electricity. Most countries in Africa lacks stable electricity which is affecting the growth o individual countries. 

6. WASTE RECYCLING :Waste recycling is an untapped business in some part of Africa and another good way to make money in Africa is to start a business involving waste management and recycling because many African countries do not have provision for sewage treatments
7. TRANSPORTATION : A smart investor can make money in Africa simply by solving the problem of transportation. Africa's population is huge but importation good vehicle, rucks,buses as a means of transportation is good and can solve the problem of transportation in Africa.  Read Also - Top 25 Listed Companies in West Africa

8. SECURITY : Although not all but most of the countries in Africa needs good security systems even if its a private or business thing. You can make money bringing into Africa some security gadget, doors, windows, bulletproof cars and many more. Its a good business and the market is already lack this.

These are major problems seen in Africa and solving this problems means lot of profit. All countries in Africa such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Burundi, Kenya, Congo Dr etc all have the same problem.

If you ever want to make money in Africa, those areas are the lack, the problem Africa is facing and ways of solving this is also ways of making money in various African countries.


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