How to Make Money as a Writer

Making Money as a writer may not be too difficult only if necessary steps are taken in which some of such steps to earn money as a writer will be discuss as you read on. Can Writers make money? Then i say yes, they can make money.

A writer is a person who uses written words to communicate in different ways such as writing books. As a writer, your creativity will earn you money only especially when the contents are original, rich and interesting and also, if such writing solve a particular question e.g funny, romance, news, sport, love and many more.

As a writer who wants to make money, you can decide whether to make money offline or online as long as you have very rich, original and highly creative contents and not copy & paste contents. Read Also, make money online writing articles

How to Make Money offline as a Writer

As a writer, you could decide to earn money simply by writing and submitting samples of your writeups to the following;
1. Radio Station
2. Televison
3. Media /Advertising Houses
4. Newspapers
5. Website owners
6. Magazines
7. Textbook publishers and writers
And many more, these are ways to make money as a writer in real world aside the internet.

How to Make Money as a Writer Online

1. Create a website for your articles e. g  blogger or wordpress
2.  Earn money from Google Adsense or Addynamo
3.  Spread your articles on social media to make money in return
4. Join Article writing sites e.g triond, helium,bukisa
5. Join Adsense sharing sites e.g squidoo, hubpages
6. Work as a freelancer on fiveer, seoclerks or gigbucks
7. write for other bloggers in the same niche for profits
8. Make money as a writer through paid post
9. Join sponsored post sites
10. Write reviews for new products and get paid

Full information on each of the highlighted points above have been discussed in our previous post, just use the search box at the right hand side of the site to search for any additional info you need on the money making ways.

The following ways above have been tested and we are very sure that it works for writers to earn money either through the internet or offline. Thanks for reading.


  1. these are good opportunities listed here for writers but i prefer u list agencies that accept articles for money for offline opportunities.

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