How to Make Money as a Pastor

Someone asked this question "How do Pastors Make Money?" I was thinking may be such individual wants to establish a church or become a pastor but never mind, we will give few answers to different ways pastors earn money while working and serving

Ways to Make Money as a Pastor

1. Salary : Many pastors make money just as a normal salary earner where such pastor get paid for their service according to an agreement of payment made. Especially full time pastors get paid at the end of the month or week while part time pastors may not get any money if such person still works

2. Writing : Most pastors make money writing motivational books full of interesting facts and life changing topics. If you want to make money as a pastor, then start writing good books that teaches morals, wealth, salvation and unknown facts.

3. Sales of Books : You can make money as a pastor selling motivational books to the church if the books are good, then the youth, women and men will buy. It may not be books written by you but may be written by other authors of great intelligence.

4. Sales of Audio/Video messages : As a pastor, you can make money selling past or present recordings or CDs of messages to the church. Either video or Audio messages can be sold if the message interesting.

5. Online Business : Many pastors are into various Online Business such as Blogging, Online Writing,Micro jobs and many more. Online business requires time and i think pastors are in position to provide few time into this business. Read Also, What is Online Business
6. Stock : A good way for a pastor to make money is through investing in stocks and shares, the returns on this are usually good

7. Giving : Some pastors receive gift from people in the church.Such gift like money,cards,food items,material things etc are usually given out to pastors for free

8. Special Programs : You can make money either as a young,old,full or part time organizing various programs that benefits the church where interested sponsors can also give out money in form of appreciation.

9. Start a Business
: Pastors can make money starting legitimate business and still keep up their pastoral activities. Read Also, How to Start Own Business by Rev. Sam Adeyemi

10. Render Help ; You can make money as a pastor simply rendering help to the needy in form of prayer or advice. For example, some who want to obtain a visa or some with disease needs the pastors prayer and healed, such individual gives out money to show appreciation

These are ways you can make money as a pastor and you can always earn the biggest cash from the Almighty himself if you are diligent, discipline and Godly. Thanks for reading.


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