How to Check Own Sim Number on Mtn Network

This is a simple way to check your mobile number on your phone simple dialing this number. Sometimes you may need to know your personal Mobile number if your mobile phone sim package can't be seen, when your mobile phone aren't showing your number or if you need to make a transfer but do not know your mobile number especially if its a new Mtn sim card or line.

You can check your Mtn Number simply by dialing the code below


Dialing the code above will give you an option either to Check my number or to check my tariff,
Just press 1 to check your number

Dial the codes above and see your mtn mobile number display on your phone screen and that's all . See Alsohow to borrow money on Mtn Network

This will check and display your Mtn mobile number as fast as possible on the Mtn Network right there on your phone screen. Thanks


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