Factors That Determines the Type of Occupation

WHAT IS OCCUPATION? Occupation is the productive activities which people engaged in to make a living. It can be classified into 3 categories which are
a. Industry - manufacturers
b. Commerce - traders
c. Services - satisfying human wants.

1. SALARY AND WAGES : The pay,remuneration and conditions of services affects occupation. Jobs with high salaries attracts more people and may be significant to make a living.

2. EDUCATION AND SKILLS : The level of education and type of skills is a factor that affects occupation where many profession or jobs depends on it. For instance, an unskilled workers usually do factory work with less pay but skilled workers are seen as experts with huge salary.

: The average weather condition of a place called climates determines the nature of occupation available in a particular area e.g fishermen are found in River areas while farmers are found in forest

: The risk and security involved in such employments determines the kind of people working and getting involved in a particular establishments

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: The policies of governments towards a particular occupation determines its operation and the kind of people working in it.

6. NATURAL RESOURCES: Availability of natural resources does affect the choice of occupation or profession of people. For instance, miners will be many in area where there are mineral resources.

7. INTEREST: Various occupation depends on the interest of an individual towards the work. The wiliness to work ensures good working conditions from people.

8. WORKING CONDITION: A good working determines how interesting a careers and profession can be. A conducive working attracts workers and can make the job a good one and enjoyable.

These are few factors that affect and determines the type of jobs or profession one is involved in. Thanks for reading.


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