Top 5 Reliable Pinging Sites

Some pinging sites are still reliable for good search engine optimization (SEO), faster crawl rate of blog by search engines, traffic etc and the list of the 10 free pinging sites will be listed below as you read on.

Some Pinging sites ensures the search engines crawl your sites faster, improve site visibility, backlinks and relevance of site to other search engines.

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Regular pinging of sites at times increase site popularity on the web and the five pinging sites seems to be the best and most reliable free pinging sites. They submit your sites to many other search engines and also notify the site for any new updates on the sites.

 List of Pinging Sites

1. Pingler

2. Pingomatic

3. Pingates

4. Total Pings

5. Google Pings

6. Submit Express

7. Tecnorati

8. Pingoat

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9. Pingmyurl

10. Bulk ping

Even if your site is not getting recognized by search engines  or the site isn't getting the required popularity based on poor seo, why not ping your site regularly using the list of pinging sites above and see the change. Thanks for reading List of Best Pinging Sites.


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