Short Domain Name vs Long Domain Name

The quest to have the best website start with the domain name selection and hosting but many free hosted site especially on blogspot or wordpress do usually have long domain name and they are doing well in terms of traffic, seo, money making etc.

Either short domain name like the .com, net or .org all have their own advantages while some long domain names site also get significant result from search engines due to its seo reasons

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Both Long or Short Domain names due to not determine the site traffic or popularity but the originality of content, creativity, designs and many more.

In my own opinion, shorter domain names are user friendly while longer domain names are search engine friendly but Google is fast appreciating sites that are user friendly and recommendation.

Advantage of shorter Domain Names
1. Its user friendly
2. Visitors finds it easy to pronounce
3. Its easy to type
4. Its easy to refer
5. User can easily remember
6. It may also be search engine friendly if keyword is good.

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While some long Domain name are also search engine friendly and user freindly. For instance, and you can see the difference. But its does not matter anyway because contents is the key for any site to get traffic and popularity.

If you are a new website owner, then the ball is in your court to choose the best out of this two long or short domain names which depends on the title of the site and its contents. Thanks.


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