Is Google Adsense Still Profitable?

Is Google Adsense Still Profitable? This is a question asked by a reader that wants to earn money online through Adsense just as other people do. Yea, this is a good question and i can categorically tell you that earning money through Google Adsense is the best and as well as the oldest online money making method.

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Google Adsense is still very lucrative, profitable, good and if there's another word i can use then i will. But making money through Google Adsense requires not only a website but ;

1. Patience : To make money with Adsense, lot of patience is required because Google Adsense is never a get rich quick scheme like other online scam site. Your sites need some Authority and Time to mature for earnings.

2. Traffic : Adsense is profitable if your site has good amount of traffic and visitors. Few clicks can earn you real money through your site.

3. Seo : You can make money from Google Adsense if you site credibility and good search engine optimization

4. Clicks : I realized that the best way to make money from Google Adsense is quality traffic not bots. Huge traffic brings few clicks which are converted to cash after accumulation.

5. Site Popularity ; Adsense may be highly profitable if your site has huge popularity on the internet. This can be achieved through search engine, social networks, social bookmarking site etc

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6. Quality of site : the site must be quality in content and relevant to your audience. Such can bring in some cash also

7. Quality content : As you know, Content is the king of any blog that want to make money from Adsense. If you want to earn money from Google Adsense and make adsense profitable, them you need to write Good and quality content and not copy and paste content like other writers and bloggers does.

8. Audience : Adsense will be profitable if you have a large audience that vivit your site from time to time and their activities can make you earn more from Google Adsense.

9. Visit : Adsense is lucrative for site with good number of visit running into thousands. Even high Adsense earners are site with thousands of visit. Increase your site visitors and see how profitable Adsense can be.

10.  Investments : just like other businesses, you make them profitable by investing into it, the same way you need to invest on your site and see the change. Investments can be inform of having a good and responsive template, good design, seo service, Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and as well as yahoo ads. All these will bring traffic to the site which in return brings money.

If you carefully read through points above, you will notice Adsense is very lucrative only with time and few things. Its great sharing this experience about Adsense. If you feel you have more ideas, please use the comment box below and let learn thanks. 

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