How to Withdraw, Transfer and Pay Money Online in Nigeria

Making payments online, transferring money and withdrawing money online in Nigeria may not be easy due to the system of banking but information provided on this post may actually help you figure out how to go about paying, withdrawing and making online transfer in Nigeria.

There are legitimately ways do such without getting scammed or losing money. Some may even claim to help you pay for something online which may not be realistic hence, you fall into scam.

6 Ways to Withdraw, Pay and Transfer Money Online in Nigeria

1. The BanksSome Reliable Nigeria banks are fast becoming international standard in terms of internet banking such as making online payment, online withdrawal of cash and buying or paying online. Banks like Gtb, Zenith Banks, FirstBank, Diamond Banks all offer special debit card for online payments and transactions. Visit their branch and tell the customer care your issue.

2. Payoneer MasterCard : The Payoneer MasterCard is highly recommended to Nigerian who really want to make Payments online Legitimately. It is accepted any where in the world and they accept Nigerians. You can use the Payoneer MasterCard to make payment online, accept payment, transfer money and also withdraw your earned money through any ATM center.

3. E-Currencies : many e currencies are good ways to transact money online in Nigeria. E-currency such as perfect-money, Payza, Egopay,Liqpay, Okpay are good ways to make payment and withdraw money online in Nigeria.

4. Domiciliary Account: this account can be opened for you in any bank in Nigeria which is domiciled in dollars. Its a dollar account where you can use to receive cash sent from abroad and can be used to fund, buy, transfer and accept payment from other countries.

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5. Paypal : This is the fastest means of payment online in the world. Although Nigeria is not listed among the countries but if you can obey simple terms and conditions, then you can use it for online payment, withdrawal, money transfer and to also buy things online.

6. Vogue Pay : this payment gateway is offered very smart and reliable services to Nigerians where you can make online payment, cash withdrawal and transfer fund from one place to the other. Its great

There are other ways but listed one above helps in any situation to pay, transfer or withdraw money online even as a Nigerian. Thanks for reading.


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