How to Withdraw Google Adsense Money with a Payoneer Mastercard

You can definitely withdraw your Google Adsense Earnings directly into your bank account anywhere in the world due to the recent Google upgrade and announcement passed to Adsense Publishers on direct bank payment system.

Google Adsense is the oldest and fastest way to earn money online as well as the sure way to make money with one's website based on site popularity and traffic. The Payoneer Mastercard is widely accepted all over the world even in this country and its can also be used to as a good option for Google Adsense Payment.

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Since you can withdraw cash with your Payoneer card, then you only need to register your account detail information on your Adsense Dashboard where your money can be sent directly to the Payoneer MasterCard. But on the condition that the Google Adsense has the option to withdraw with US Bank Account via ACH

Integrating Your Payoneer Account with Google Adsense

  • The Payoneer Account provides you with a US Checking Bank Account details which provides a US checking account number, routine number, debit card, Name of bank etc
  •  Go to your Adsense dashboard just at the top corner, you see the payment option where you see direct bank transfer.
  • Provide Payoneer mastercard account information which includes full name, bank name, account number, routine number and other information.
  • Make sure the name on Adsense is the same with the name on Payoneer Account
  • The Google Adsense has enabled withdraw from US Bank via ACH
  • Read terms and condition and click save
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After a brief review, you can begin to get your Adsense Earnings sent directly to your Payoneer Account which can be withdrawn at any Atm Machine.
 Its quite easy, the money get transferred without any charges, fees or delay. Just receive the alert and withdraw your Adsense Earnings via the Atm. Thanks

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  1. boss this thing still working...i have a us based adsense account, can i use this adsense account to receive payments into my payoneer mastercard?

  2. yes bro, as long as the name and the address on the Adsense corresponds with the name of the Payoneer. Thank you

  3. My Guy adsense still ask for SWIF bank identification and BIC which payoneer does not provide. So you cant link your payoneer account to adsense

  4. Yea, it means it cant work..the SWIFT code is always the issue here.


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