How to Promote YouTube Videos

How to Promote YouTube Videos? This question was asked by a reader who really wants to know ways to promote YouTube Videos and we decide to write this post.

YouTube is a video sharing website where you could make video, post it and you get videos on the Videos based on the shares, views, popularity and uniqueness of the video. You can get you videos promoted through the simple method below. See Also, How to make money on YouTube

Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

1.  Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are good social networks where you could easily promote a YouTube video simply by posting the link of the YouTube video on your wall and people watch the videos live.

2.  Create a website : You can get your YouTube video across to people just by creating a free website with nice designs, keyword, logo, contents, search engine optimization and share the links across to people by email, social media, forums etc

3. Google Adwords : You can promote your YouTube videos using Google Adwords advertising programs. This program ensure you videos get across millions of people through Google Search on Video contents. This is a good way to promote a video online.

4. Facebook Ads : This is a good way to get your YouTube videos across to huge number of Facebook users. Its not free but very effective program. It makes the YouTube Video go Viral with lots of traffic. Read Also, Facebook or Twitter- which do you prefer

5. Micro Jobs Site : Sites like fiverr, gigbucks,seoclerks are good way to promote a YouTube videos for a token. People with huge number of YouTube subscribers will post a link of the YouTube video to their viewers only for a few $. For example, you could find gigs like this on fiverr " i will post your YouTube video for my 100k YouTube subscribers for $5"

Theses are good ways to promote a YouTube videos and get people watch the video either for cash, popularity or fun. Thanks for reading.


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