How to Pay for Facebook Ads and Google Adword in Nigeria

Many people in Nigeria seek information on how and ways to pay for paid ads such as the highly rated Facebook ads and Google Adwords for website traffic, Business promotions or popularity.

Facebook is the biggest social networks in the world with over a Billion users while Google is the biggest search engines in the world hence, their traffic cannot be underestimated but paying for such Facebook and Google online advertising services may become a problem for Nigerians or people residing in Nigeria due to the poor online banking and payment method.

Ways to Make Payments for Facebook ads and Google Adwords in Nigeria

1. The BanksSome Reliable Nigeria banks are fast becoming international standard in terms of internet banking and provides information to pay for Facebook and Google Adword. Banks like Gtb, Zenith Banks, FirstBank, Diamond Banks all offer special debit card for online payments and transactions. Visit their branch and tell the customer care your issue.

2. Payoneer MasterCard : The Payoneer MasterCard is highly recommended to Nigerian who really want to make Payments for online adverts like Google Adword legitimately. It is accepted any where in the world and they accept Nigerians. You can use the Payoneer MasterCard to make payment for Google ads and Facebook paid ads.

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3. Paypal : This is the fastest means of payment online in the world. Although Nigeria is not listed among the countries but if you can obey simple terms and conditions, then you can use it to make payment for hosting and domain sites.

4. Pay for me: some sites and individuals offers pay for me services where they can help use their international MasterCard to pay for online transaction. It reall works and can be used to pay for Facebook and Google ads.

There are other ways but listed one above helps in any situation to pay for Facebook ads and Google Adwords in Nigeria online even as a Nigerian. Thanks for reading.


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