How to Get Google Adsense Approval on Blogger or Blogspot Platform

Can a Blogger Blog Get Google Adsense Approval?
Google Adsense is of the best way to make money blogging and also a sure way to earn money through one's blog site also Blogger platform or any other platform.

Many people especially blogger believed that a platform may be favored than the other when applying for Adsense but i do not agree to that because i tested both ways. Blogger or Wordpress are both good but the secret is that blogs on blogspot can also be more popular than the customs blogs.

The most successful blogs in the world with high remuneration from Adsense most times are blogger blogs while some are free blogspot site with or without a custom domain.

I have few sites that got their Adsense Approval even faster than some custom or wordpress blogs. Getting Adsense Approval only depends on few factors such as;
  • Age of blog
  • Does site Obey Adsense Policy
  • Traffic
  • Quality Contents
  • Quality back-links
  • Popularity on Search Engine
  • Popularity on Social Networks
  • Search Engine Optimization
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All these and many more will make your blogger blog easily be approved of Adsense and not the Platform where the blog is powered. '

With these few information now, i believe you can now see reasons why your site is not approved of Google Adsense and not the blogspot or blogger platform where the site is powered. Even some self hosted site may not be given Adsense easily. Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for providing this eyes opening information.I will start using blogspot for my adsense sites and drive traffic to them. I will make sure I follow their rules and regulations to avoid been banned.

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