20 Ways to Get Rid of Laziness

Can i stop being Lazy ? Laziness is the unwillingness to work and the act of of being idle. Looking at it yourself, you may not be lazy but due to complain from people, boss and in business, it seems you are lazy.

Laziness or being lazy cause more harm than good because it reduce someone to the bare minimum but hard work pays even in business or at place of work. Many times, the secret to making more money, having a boost in profit, living a good life and becoming wealthy is centered on hard work and shunning laziness for good. Read Also7 secrets of success

You could stop being lazy or get rid of laziness simply by considering some of the points listed below and getting back to work. 

How to Get Rid of Laziness

1. Stop Procrastination

2. Make Plans

3. Reduce Sleeps

4. Work even more

5. Avoid thoughts like should, could, would at work

6. Set a goal

7. Be prepared to fail

8. See help from friends r experts

9. Break Task into smaller parts

10. Eat healthy food

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11. Have good exercise

12. Get Motivated

13. Take right step

14. Map out a strategy to work

15. Create a good working atmosphere

16. Kill two birds with one stone i.e make the best use of your time

17. Do one thing at a time

18. Eliminate sugar, fats, and junks food

19. Try as much as possible to put in your best

20. Reduce activities on social network, phone calls, chats and get back to work. 

The following points on how to get rid of laziness may not be much but i believe some ideas there works and can help you improve and get the productivity you want. Shun laziness, work hard and make some cash. Thanks for reading.


  1. Some nice tips to shun laziness and work hard.

  2. Great tips. I need to apply some of them myself.
    P.S. I think in no. 8 you meant "Seek help from friends and experts".

  3. Exactly, friends and experts.. thanks for the comments

  4. It is good to see posts that give truly quality information. Your tips are extremely valuable. Thanks a lot for writing this post.Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.

  5. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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