Where to Make a Free Website?

Where to Make a free Website? This question was asked by one of our readers where she really wants to know where and how to make a free website for her brand.

You could actually get a free website for your business, stuffs, product or services through the internet. Not all sites can actually guarantee a free website can a considerable amount of size, bandwidth and domain name.

You could get a free website to promote yourself, a business, a product, a brand or services. You can also get a free website for online marketing purpose and also make money online or offline with your website. See Alsowhy you need a free website

Your free website could actually be a blog, official website, forum site, sales page, personal site or eCommerce site where you get paid right there through your site. Some free website actually have a large bandwidth size, free domain name and other search engine optimization(seo)

Top Site to Make a Free Website

1. Blogger : If you are looking for where and how to create a free website then Blogger is a good one. Blogger is a is a site which provides free website for your brand and its owned by Google inc. Blogger has some advantages over other website creator which includes unlimited bandwidth, free seo, free design and its free to use. It also help you make money from your free website through online advertisement like Google Adsense.

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2. Wordpress : according to expert, having a free website with WordPress is good for a serious minded website owner.  Wordpress has good package, well structured template, free or paid hosting and has been used by web owners who really love good designs of their site.

3. Webs : this is a free website creator with good designs, already made template and easy steps to creating the design but you need to get a hosting and domain registrar to have it running.    See Also Free Domain Vs Paid Domain name

4. Tumblr : This is a site recently acquired by Yahoo inc and has hosted millions of sites/blogs. You can actually get a good and free blog from tumblr which you can share free and update.

5. W3schools : This is a place/site where you get instructions and lesson on how to build your website from the scratch. Its free online course and gives the best information on HTML, xtml,html5,xml etc. You can use this website to build your website from the beginning to the end.

These are sites that provides you with a free, well designed and ready made site for your internet stuffs. I think these few site answers your search on "Where and How to create a free website'? Thanks for reading.


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