How to Spend Less for a Wedding Party - for Couples

Having a successful wedding party is the best thing that can ever happen to someone in a life time, it can only be done once except in a case of divorce. But wedding party can be planned in a way to save cost, spend less money and save some money for the marriage.

There are ways to organize a wedding party at a minimum cost but if you have more money to spend, you can make it elaborate or have a big wedding with more money. See Also, how to Save Extra Money

Ways to Organize a Cost Free Wedding Party

1.  Strictly by invitation : a good way to have a cost free wedding ceremony is to cut down the rate of attendance which can only be achieved by making sure only invited guest attends. This can be checked by printing strictly an invitation card. Using this method help to save cost and you only spend less.

2. Donation : you can also spend less for a wedding simply by asking people to help donate for the wedding. This can be done by printing an account number at the back of the invitation card where few people may transfer money couples bank account.

3.  Social Media : instead of a radio, Tv or newspaper advert of a wedding, you can save cost simply by making use of Facebook or Twitter to pass information to friends and family about the wedding party, it saves money for the wedding.

4. Late Announcement of wedding venue :  announcing the venue of the wedding few days to wedding helps prevent unwanted people from attending the wedding and really help save some cash.

5.  Order cheap wedding material online : there are few online store where you could easily get wedding material cheaply or free. Just Google for cheap or Uk Used online site where you can get cheap wedding items like ring, cloths, bags, shoes etc.

These are few tips you need on how to save money for a wedding, earn money, spend less or organize a cost free wedding party. Thanks for reading.


  1. Beautiful post. Following those tips will reduce unnecessary spending.

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