How to Protect Your Blog from Hack or Unauthorized Access

Every blogger and site owner must always find a way to secure their website from hackers or any unauthorized access on their site using few tips which are highlighted below as you read on. The following ways of protecting your site from hacks are cheap and free in which you may not need the service of a programmer with high cost.

Since your site means so much to you then you must protect it with the best of your knowledge. Although, there only few security measures for website because the computer programmers have sophisticated tool that can break every security on a blog.
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Protecting your blog from anyone gaining access either on a free website like blogger or wordpress is centered around the email. It means if you can secure your mail which can be used to gain access to the site, then your site is protected.

10 Ways to Protect Your Site from Hack

1.  Never disclose your email password to anyone

2. Change admin Password often

3. On any suspicious attempt on site, change password
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4. Use phone number verification method for password retrieval

5. Do not disclose admin login details to webmasters or internet guru for help for only trusted guys.

6. Do not use the same password for multiple website

7. Have your laptop or desktop checked for virus or malware regularly

8. If blog is on blogger platform, you may use the captha or comment moderation system, It helps prevent a sites from hacks and other unwanted access to blog.

These are ways and simple precaution to put in place just to avoid unauthorized access of programs to your site especially when the site is a blog site which can be powered by blogger or wordpress. Thanks for reading as you prevent your site from being hacked.


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