How to Make Money with a Computer

If you have a computer and you don't know you can make money with the computer especially when its internet connected, just carefully read the post as we will be providing different ways you can earn money with your internet connected computer..

If you have a good laptop or desktop that is connected to the internet, the fast way to make money from your computer is Make Money Online also called work and earn from home. The only thing you need to do is to get reliable payment method where you can cash out your money as you work online.

Some of this online money making method may provide little money at first, but with patient and consistency, you earn more. Some may require you have a free website like blogger or WordPress to sell stuffs online while other may not even require a website to start making money with a computer.

Ways to Earn Money Using Your computer 

1.  Fiverr , Seoclerks and Gigbucks ; these are micro jobs site where you can make money selling your services inform of gigs. You get paid after completing a job which will be credited on the site. This can be done right in front of your computer.

2. Google Adsense or other ptc sites : this is a way of allowing Google to publish their ads on your site usually called Blogging. Making money from your blog may take time but many people have been paid by Google and still counting.  Read Google Adsense vs Addynamo

3. Soccer bets : Soccer predictions is one of the fastest way to earn money from your internet connected laptop or desktop. You only predict scores of matches played around the world and if you win, you get your cash. That also a good and fast way to make money from one's computer.

4. Mylot, Bubblenews, Eshop etc : if you have the time and your computer is connected to internet, site like mylot pay people based on your post, comment and for using the site. The accumulation of money there may be low but in no time, you earn more. 

5. Sell Online : a sure way to earn money with a computer is to sell something through the internet. You can sell your services, you can help people pay or ship an item or you can also be engaged in affiliate marketing where you sell product on behalf of other people or companies for a commission.

6. Typing  : you can make money with your computer by typing, printing and making research for people.  You only need to get a printer and typing works from people that is it. It make involve typing a printing, photocopy, scanning, online registration and many more. This is what i do in my small office and the money keeps coming.   Read Online Typing Jobs

These are 6 proven method where you can make money with a computer when its either connected to the internet or not. Instead of watching films, chatting or not doing anything with the computer, why not engage yourself in business like the stated ideas above. Thanks


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