Entrepreneur of the week : Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber an entertainer, dancer, song writer, singer, musician, actor and the Canadian Pop Musician  has been made the site Entrepreneur of the week which is based on poll results from our readers. Must Read ; 6 Reasons the celebrity prefers Twitter to Facebook


Justin Bieber is a popular celebrity on social networks like Facebook or Twitter where he has the most Twitter followers in the world. According to forbes, Justin Bieber was was ranked as one of the most overexpose celebrity in the world based on media review.

His later song "baby" has sold over 10million copies and still selling. Justin Bieber is young, fun to be with and loved by young guys and ladies on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc

The Young Celebrity earn his money through entertainment and has been loved by people of young age. His money making tactics through songs, acting, social network interaction etc where he makes his money needs to be emulated. 

Note: Justin Bieber good attitude and his money making method can be emulated by the youth and not his bad side e,g smoking.


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