Are PTC Sites Still Profitable?

Is Ptc Site Still Profitable? This is a question asked by one of our readers who work and make money online. PTC sites are referred to as paid to click site where people work and make money through viewing several ads and making few cents

Many get paid few cents from viewing ads, referral activities,task etc through PayPal, Bank wire or other online payment system. Based on experience, most of the Pay to click sites are scams and waste of time. See also, Top 5 Survey Sites That Pays

If you are looking for real ways to earn money online, Ptc sites are no longer profitable because the few available one will not even pay you when you reach payout. Other reasons why PTC may not be considered a good way to make money and may not be profitable includes;

1. They are time wasters

2.  You need to click so many ads

3.  Some may even pay as low as 0.0001cents

4.  You will have to view few ads per day.

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5.  Some may request money for payout

6.  Pay for referrals

7.  They waste your effort of viewing ads

8. They go scams after a while

9.  You need to join so many ptc site to earn

10. Ptc sites can't make you rich but work and view ads even more and more

The reasons listed above are enough to make you avoid some of the PTC sites because they are not profitable, not reliable, waste time and hardly make money with them. But there are other ways to make money aside the ptc site some which includes Blogging, Selling, Sport bets, Fiverr etc Thanks for reading.


  1. Thank you letting people know that not all are scam but there few legitimate one online.


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