6 Good Ways to Send Money Abroad

It is very possible to send or receive money abroad or to any country in the world. The advent of the internet has enabled sending money internationally easy, fast and simple. You do not need to keep searching on how to send money abroad where you have your answers you read on.


You can use this method to send money to family members, friends, relatives, children, spouse, companies or any organization without the fear of losing your money. Below are 6 Good ways to send money abroad;

How to Send Money Abroad

1.  Western Union : The western union money transfer is the most reliable, best and fastest way of sending money internationally. The western union is used globally and its is known as a secure way to send or receive money from any countries in the world. If you want to send money abroad, then western union is highly recommended. Visit western union for more about their terms

2. Domiciliary account : A domiciliary account works best for any one who want to make transfer or send money to people in other countries. A domiciliary account is a foreign account which accept foreign currency, foreign transactions and can be opened legitimately through your local bank. Opening a domiciliary account answers your questions on how you can send money internationally.

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3. Foreign bank account : having a foreign bank account is also a good way to send money legitimately abroad at any time. This account can be opened for business purposes and are commonly used by travelers, business merchants and importers.

4. E currency : you can send money securely to other countries simply bu using reliable e-currency site such as Web money, Bit coin Perfect money, Paypal etc . These are good and secure way to send money to people in other region or countries. They are used to send money online.

5. Money Gram : sending money abroad using money gram is also a good and secure way to send your money across the world. Money gram works best at any time and day for sending or receiving money around the world

6. Local Bank : this seems risky but it works at times, you can send money through your local bank to any where in the world only if your bank accept internet banking or international banking transaction, your cash get delivered any country of your choice if the bank does operate at international level.

These are the good ways to send money abroad with maximum security and quick transfers. You only need to visit the site of these reliable payment methods, read their terms and send the money. Thanks for reading.


  1. this post is good. it teaches, it works and reliable cus all the fact are real

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  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  4. Thank you for this article! This information can help a lot of people. Other good ways to send money internationally are Paysera and Xoom. I am making money transfers from time to time to mu family spread over several countries, so I have tried few methods. Security and reliability are of course important, but also there should be a good exchange rate. By comparing transfer companies it is possible to find a good rate for our needs.


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