How to Prevent Your Business from Destroying your Marriage - for ladies

Its a good thing for ladies, moms, married women, girls who are making money as a business owner, entrepreneur or just starting a small business to really protect their marriages from crash or boredom through the attention given to their individual business.
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Starting a business or making more profit from a business really needs attention which may in one way or the other affect the marriages of female entrepreneurs, married women and female investors and money makers but their are simple things you can do to prevent your marriage from wreck while you earn money even as a female business owner.

Ways to Protect Marriage from Business as a lady/mom

1. Spend equal time at home : a simple way to make balance between business and marriage as a married woman, mom, lady is to create and spend equal time at home. It may not be easy due to business demand, but you can balance up your activities in the office or business area with your home. It make your marriage stronger as a female money earner

2. Keep your home : as a female business owner and entrepreneur, the best way to prevent your business from ruining your marriage is to keep your home just as you love your business. Ensure the home is clean, food is on the table and have time for husband and kids. It makes you a better woman

3. Make time for s3x : as a business woman, you realize that intimacy strengthens a relationship and you really need to have s3x like never before. Even after a long day at place of work or trade, a married woman needs to have more intimacy to make herself healthy and also make the home sexy.

4. Husband are not customers : you husband is your jewel any day and the way you treat customers should be different from the way you treat your husband. If you can be so passionate about a customer, then you do the same for husband while making money from business.

5. Prepare food on time : even as a married woman and business owner, you need to make food on time for the family. Do not get carried away by the business transactions of the day but ensure you make food ready for kids and husband

6. Reduce Pride : no matter how much money you are earning from your business as a worried woman, then you need to bring yourself down because pride is the major cause of divorce and unhappy marriages

Follow the tips above on how to prevent a business from destroying your marriage and see the change. As a married woman, earning money is not everything but a good home with lovely family. These are the tips you need to help you protect your marriage while you do your business and still make profit daily.

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