How to Make Money from Nairaland

Nairaland is one of the most visited forum and website in Africa and also in the world according to Alexa with a global rank of 917 and 7 in Nigeria where it is located. Nigeria is a popular forum with over 1.2m registered users and million of pageviews per day, the reason you need to read about making money on nairaland.

Nairaland is owned by Seun Osewa and has been a lively place to earn money, relax, learn, teach and post some new information to the youth. Nairaland covers topic which ranges from business, careers, romance, jobs, celebrity, health, family, sexuality, education, making money, webmasters, entertainment, jokes and many more.

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As a nairalander, you not only have fun on the site but you can also be on the site to make money just like every other wise people do. Nairaland is never a make money site but a site with such huge traffic needs you to explore it to earn money. I see the listed tips below as the best way to earn money through nairaland.

6 Ways to Make Money on Nairaland

1. Sell a product or services : to make money on nairaland, you need to have a product or services for sale. The huge traffic on nairaland which amount to millions is a market place to let your product know by way of making comments, front page stories and their paid ads which direct people tom your site or store where you make money from the visits

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2. Advertise your product : the best and fastest way to make money on nairaland is to advert your product using their paid advertisement program. Nairaland direct thousands of visitors to your products and services and out of the thousands, you get more sales and earn money.

3. Websites : you can earn money on nairaland through the links of your website on the site, you get visits to your site through your activities on the site especially if you have Paid programs like Google Adsense, Addynamo, Yahoo ads, Media net etc

4. Marketing : you earn money from nairaland simply by telling people about your brand, product and services by way of advertisements, signatures, paid adverts, links shared, front page stories, commenting and many more.

5. Post product and services as Signature : you can get people give you a call simply by posting links/website or business contact as signature. Interested buyers see this and may give you a call for your service or buy a product listed.

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6. Provide free info
: the best way to make money through nairaland is to offer free information that helps, it may varies from any area of interest where you are an expert where you find solution to people's problem and leaving your contact details. You make money based on returning reurning offers for your products.

These are few ways you can earn money on the biggest forum online and the various way to make money are posted above. You can now see reason why people clamor fro front page post and comments on nairaland, its the traffic gotten from the site. Thanks for reading as you make money from nairaland


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