How to Make Money as a Speaker

There are different ways to make money either online or offline as a speaker if only your information changes the life of people listening to you. Many speaker are really making million for few minutes show while other speaker still finds it difficult to get popular and make money.

As a speaker, you could decide to be a motivational speaker, comedian, clergy, teacher, tutor, radio or TV presenter, marketer and many more. People will only pay to hear you talk based on the level of impact and stuffs you got. See Also, how to teach online

Making money as a speaker may be very easy if you have the condition below;

1. Level of research
2. Problem solving talks
3. Motivation talks
4. Knowledge about area of talks
5. Ability to pass the message
6. Time management
7. Word power
8. Book read and many more

Ways to Make Money as a Speaker

The only way to make money as a speaker is huge popularity which may be achieved through the following ways;

1. Free seminar : the popular way to get exposure as a speaker is to organize free seminar that is rich and relevant to the people which may be health, business, money, sport, marketing, tutorial, motivation, how to etc. Later, the success of the free seminar will pave way for the paid section.

2. Show proof : as a speaker who want to make money through popularity, you need to show proof of past or present success handling. For instance, an internet marketer will always show proof of earnings or check while talking on ways and how to make money online.

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3. Create a free blog : a cost free way to get exposure as a speaker is to create a free blog that tell people about various topics, pictures of event ad interactive sections. It makes people want to listen to you. You can also make money from various online pay per click program like Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, MediaNet, Infolinks, addynamo and many more.

4. Paid Seminar : after getting the exposure needed, you can organize paid seminars for the public where they pay to attend only if you have prepared and ready to give it stuffs that works. You can also include some other gurus in your field to come and help for relevant talks.

5 Write : as a speaker, you could make fast money by putting everything you talk about in a live event on paper. Package some of your topics and write them as books for sale. Many will buy the book as long as the title and design is quite appealing to them. Million of copies sold, bring in millions of cash

I hope I've been able to enlighten you on how a speaker can earn money like any other speaker who rakes millions into their account. Feel free to use the comment box below to pass a message, ask question or make a suggestion. Thanks for reading.


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