How to Make Money as a Single Mother

This post is all about the experience a lady with a kid shared on ways she makes money and was able to cope as a single mother. She gave out free information on different ways she's been earning money to survive with her kids.

As a single parent or mom with kids, you may wonder how you can actually make money for yourself and kids, just read on and pick 1 or 2 money making tips from this post.

Ways to Make Money as a Single Parent

1. Get education : a single mother not need to feel bad about her situation but to move on. The first step in earning cash as a single mother is to get educated, it may be a formal or informal education but you need to create a time to get education. You could go to school, learn catering, music, manufacturing etc
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2. Learn a trade: as a single mother, you need to learn a trade, it may involve buying and selling of simple stuffs like baby toys, shoes, cloths, food, fruits etc. Those stuffs has profit and you can start earning money from there

3. Start a small business : a single parent who has a no job that brings money should start a small business. Starting a small business only involves finding solutions to the lack of money in your environment and that all.

4. Blog : so many females who makes money from blogs are single parent too, blogging may be difficult at first, but when you blog about your personal experience, what the people want then you can make money though Google Adsense, Addynamo, Yahoo ads, infolinks ate

5. Start importation business : importing various items, electronics, phones. cloths, kitchen items, used cars, jewelries are good businesses a single parent can venture into and start making money as a mother with kids

6. Do simple micro jobs : if you have any skill as a single mother, you can make money doing micro jobs on site like fiverr, seoclerks, gigbucks, warrior forum and many more. Offer a service on those sites and get paid for jobs done

7.  Teaching : you can earn money as a single parent by teaching in schools, lessons or online. you can teach base on your area of expert or acquired skills and get paid teaching people
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8. Baby sit : as popularly known, baby sitting is one of the fastest way to make extra money. it dose not require much or educational skills but  ability to take care of kids

9. Sell craft : another good way to make money as a single mother or dad is to make crafts and sell them online or offline. Crafts sells a lot and you make your profit.

10. Invest in stocks : as a single mother or dad with kids, you begin to invest in stocks/Shares when available. It is the smartest way of making money any where in the world. It rocks

All the various tips on how to make money as a single mother are discussed previously in our previous post, If you need more information about each money making ways, then you may get more by using the search box just above and you get more.

Single mother or parents can also make money and be happy like every other person. Consider the following money making ways as someone who want to make money and not beg for money and you will be glad. Thanks for reading.


  1. I actually feel good that see that some writers can identity with single mothers despite all odds


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