How to Make Money as an Instrumentalist

Do you play any kind of musical instrument such as the Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin, Saxophone etc and you wonder how you can make money with those skills? As you read on, we will be giving you different ways on how you can make money playing any instrument and also as a good instrumentalist.

Making money as an instrumentalist can occur not only when you play musical instruments professional[y but with your knowledge coupled with rehearsals for perfection. An insrumenatalist can earn money in two ways which are
  • Make money online playing instruments
  • Make money offline as an instrumentalist
You only need to be a master in your instruments and the money begins to rush in by exposure and perfection. Many churches, schools, hotels, bands, musical groups all need good instrumentalist for paid appointments or shows.

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Below are ways to make money playing instrument;

1. Create a website : the first step to making money as an instrumentalist that plays a specific kind of instrument is to create a website or free blog which can be used to store and share some of your musical work and ideas. Many people will get to know you through your website shared on search engine and social networks

2. Create a YouTube account : YouTube is a popular video social networks where you make samples of your instrumental solos for people to enjoy and you can also make a video lesson and share on YouTube. You make money from traffic that comes to your link.

3. Place of worship : many churches, groups, band are looking for people to play instruments for them and get paid, why not approach some of these places where you get paid playing for them during praise. So search.

4. Social networks : social networks such as Facebook, twitter or instagram are places you can share link or post about your instruments playing ability, you might be contacted for a paid show.

5. Teach : a good way to make money as an instrumentalist is to teach people on how to play instruments. Teach people on how to play good musical instruments and some tutorial classes via YouTube or physically. People will pay for such lessons

6. Work : just the same way you look for job, you can search for groups or individuals who need instrumentalist and get paid playing for them. This can also be done online through site like fiverr, italki, seoclerks of other classified ads sites. Better still, start working in the studio and make money playing instrument right there.

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7.  Band : you can make money as an instrumentalist simply by forming a band which comprises of other instrumentalist or musicians. You go for shows and get paid for your musical performances.

Read through this wonderful money making tips, apply them and see how you get paid with your instruments. You can also make money playing instruments by becoming a music director, coordinator and consultants. It works well to earn cash playing instruments.

Expect more ways on how to make money as an instrumentalist in our next post, so keep your fingers cross. Thanks for reading this post and start earning money now.


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