How to Make Money as a Cleaner

Can someone make money as a cleaner? it is very possible to make huge amount of money cleaning people house, cars, gardens, toilet, cloths and many more. The world has soon become a place where people start small business on their own and make cash with it.

As a cleaner, you can make money through home services washing and cleaning people's environments or you get a small shop where people come for cleaning services. Cleaning can be done by youth, stay at home moms and dads,unemployed or students to earn extra income.

Cleaning for cash involves washing people's cloths, cars, houses, cutting grasses, kitchen and many more. A cleaner who want to make money will clearly define who he/she want to do and how to get it done with the fastest time.

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Cleaning services or business can be started on a small scale or large scale. Below are few example on how to earn money as a cleaner,

1. Working as a gardener

2. Working as a laundry worker

3. Sweeping for big companies like banks, oil and gas, telecommunications etc

4. Working as a Kitchen cleaner

5.  Working as an house help

6. Working as a fumigator

7. Working as a road cleaner for state government
The Conditions to make money as a cleaner
1. Less service charge
2. Quality cleaning
3. Neat jobs
4. Fast service delivery
5. Hardwork

Where to make adverts
1. Small handbills
2. Post adverts on popular forums or website
3. Post adverts on billboard
4. Post adverts on Facebook
5. Make a small postcard of cleaning services 
6. Street wall
7. Workshops 
8. Home front
9. Adverts on fence
10. Post advert of cleaning services using Google adwords

Cleaning services or working as a cleaner is a good way to start and earn money working part time not for anybody but self. You move round, seek people or companies to clean their environment and get paid for your work.

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You could post some adverts online leaving your phone number or email for people to call you for cleaning services and make your cash rendering the services. In order not to stay idle, look for cleaning job which may not require much education or you start your own business as a cleaner where you make money. Its is very lucrative working as a cleaner. Thanks for reading this post.


  1. that the reason people leave their countries for the develped countries like the united state or uk for greener pasture doing cleaning job

  2. this is a good post and even i as a person, am in the united state working as a state cleaner but it pays anyway


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